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Dry Eye and Make-up

Many women suffer from chronic dry eye and find it difficult to wear eye makeup without adding irritation to their eyes. A lot of the makeup available to consumers is loaded with toxins that can irriate our eyes not to mention the eye makeup removers which can strip natural oils from around the lids. Find out more about how to read the ingredient list in makeup and what to avoid. Dr. O'Dell...


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Making a difference

Having uncomfortable eyes is often caused by dry eye disease, a disease state of the tears that keep the surface of our eyes hydrated. It is a complex disease that requires a thorough exam by a dedicated dry eye specialist to make the proper diagnosis. Once this diagnosis is made, an individulized treatment plan can be developed to improve the comfort and health of the eye. If left untreated, dry...


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7 Simple Solutions For Dry Winter Eyes

Dry winter eyes
With cold winter temperatures come wind, dry indoor air and blasting heat, all of which can be annoying for your eyes. In fact, the season is the most common time of year that people complain about dry, itchy and watery eyes. Some people also experience temporary blurry vision, feel like there’s a foreign object in their eyes or complain of fatigue. The good news is that even if it’s miserable...


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Getting the Word Out About Redness

In a society obsessed with appearances, red eyes have a lot of negative connotations, including inebriation, sleep deprivation, and various forms of addiction. Americans’ vanity or self-consciousness about their appearance has resulted in the availability of a plethora of over-the-counter (OTC) remedies promising white eyes, and fast. Consumers buy these products at an alarming rate, with more than 15 million bottles sold in the United States each year.


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